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Addressing 7 Common Decorating Challenges Homeowners Face

Posted by on Sep 29, 2016 in Interior Redesign, New Home | 0 comments

    We often receive phone calls from homeowners who have attempted to decorate their homes but are not happy with the results. Here are the most common decorating challenges we see that homeowners often don’t overcome. 7 Common Decorating Challenges   Establishing the function of the room This might seem simple but there are people who use a dining room for an office. Determine what activities will be occurring in each room. Select furniture that will promote the function of...

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Fun in the Sun[Room]

Posted by on Sep 25, 2016 in Interior Design | 0 comments

Sun rooms offer the best of both worlds.  They give you the opportunity to enjoy the natural light and views of the outdoors without actually having to be outside, which means you can enjoy the space year round regardless of the weather ….which here in Florida means the heat and humidity. Follow these tips to make your sun room become the favorite room in the house! Walls Sun rooms by nature have great light, so keep yours light and bright too. Via House Beautiful Furniture  Wicker,...

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Capturing the Essence of Farmhouse Style

Posted by on Aug 4, 2016 in Interior Design, Interior Redesign, Uncategorized | 0 comments

    It’s all the rage now.  Pinterest pins are showcasing it like mad. It’s farmhouse or cottage style. There are a lot of different characteristics that fit under the umbrella of farmhouse style. Today we’re going to examine capturing the essence of farmhouse style by reviewing: the history of the farmhouse in America; what defines this style of architecture; why it’s so popular today; and, today’s take on farmhouse style decorating. History of the American Farmhouse The American...

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An Inside Peek at Jacksonville’s Restoration Hardware Outlet

Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Personal Shopping | 0 comments

  Have you visited Jacksonville’s Restoration Hardware Outlet on Southside Blvd., yet?  We visited there last Sunday to get an inside peek. This store opened on June 26th and carries overstock, discontinued, and irregular merchandise. New shipments arrive in the store every Monday and Friday. Everything is marked from 20-30% off with an additional 25% going on right now. One store associate informed us they don’t provide furniture delivery.   What Products Does Jacksonville’s...

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What to Consider When You Are Buying a Sofa

Posted by on May 12, 2016 in Interior Design, Personal Shopping | 0 comments

  Has your old couch been through the war of family life?  Is it time to finally bite the bullet and buy a new sofa?  This a big commitment because it’s expensive and should last a long time. Here are some guidelines to consider when you are buying a sofa. Guidelines to Follow When You Are Buying a Sofa Color – A sofa is a great place to make a statement with color which will add some excitement to the room. For those not so brave – consider a neutral hue and pop your color with pillows...

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