Client Reviews

As a Realtor in NE Florida I list several homes each month.  Many of those homes show very well but simply need that “extra touch” to make them show like a model.

I have referred Christy to several of my customers who have all spoken highly of her professionalism, non-threatening approach and her knowledge of staging a house to sale.  In fact I ever referred her to my mother.  Christy offers a range of services from a simple consultation for suggestions to full staging based on the individual house and the homeowners budget.  I have had several houses sale after Christy has staged them. I do not find that a coincidence.  She is a support to the Realtor and the home owner in adding yet another dimension in “getting it SOLD” .  I would highly recommend Christy.

Randy Martin-Watson Realty Corporation

I have used a number of interior designers over the years, but had never met someone who was so responsive to my “vision” for my home.
Christy, from Interiors Revitalized, came into my home, ready to listen to my needs and ideas for a “light” makeover, utilizing all of my current furniture and accessories. We were having some major construction done to our dining and living rooms due to water damage, and Christy gave me many inexpensive trim carpentry ideas, improving the look of my windows and tray ceilings. She stayed well within my budget for materials and did all the footwork for me when it came to picking out light fixtures and finding fabric samples and paint colors. I showed her what I liked and asked her to blend it with the rest of the house.
The results were fabulous. She even supervised my husband installing the unique drapery rods she found for my bedroom bay windows!  Friends thought I’d bought new furniture and paintings. What was once old is now new again, brought back to life by new wall colors. I love it! Thank you, Christy, for a job well done.

Debbie B.- Jacksonville, Florida


Christy does an amazing job at staging homes!  She is very sensitive to working with Realtors and the customers to keep the costs within the customer’s budget. She has done several staging jobs for me and each and every one sold immediately and for more money than it would have if it had not staged.

I’ve had several homes receive multiple offers and I totally attribute it to the fact that she made the house show so well. She can make even an ugly house look good!

Yvette Barton- Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty, Inc.

Every time I look around the beautiful home that Christy and I have created, I am grateful for her support, guidance, and encouragement.  It’s a treat to see many of our “old” things (from our home in Tennessee) in new places here in Florida!  Christy has a wonderful eye, excellent communication skills, and real tact.  She gently advised me which of our items were a little too dated to reuse, but also helped me see that some simple changes (new frames on pictures, for example) would bring some of those things into focus in our new space.

Christy is a flexible shopper–we went on shopping trips together, bought some other things online, and she shopped on her own for additional pieces we needed.  She helped us focus on the big items around which a room could be structured, and, as she predicted, once those big items were decided on, the rest of the room came together very easily.  Christy is also price-conscious, willing to spend more if you want to spend more, but very interested in saving money as well.  In addition, her fees are quite reasonable.

I tend to get paralyzed when I have too many choices, so Christy’s skill in narrowing down options was a real benefit.  When it came to window treatments, for example, we both selected fabric samples from an online vendor and then compared our choices to see which worked best.  I never felt that I was being pushed to do things her way, but rather that she was trying to determine what my style was so our home could reflect that.

Christy even helped me with decorating the house for the holidays last December–I had brought decorations with us, but I wasn’t sure what would work in our new, smaller home.  It was fun to unpack the decorations together, decide which we were going to use, and then find new places for them.  I took pictures of the finished rooms so that I can replicate the look again this December.

I’m only sorry that, as we wind down the redecoration process, I’ll see less of Christy.  Not to worry, though, we’ve still got a screen porch to furnish, and I’m sure I can come up some other reasons to call her!  We can recommend Christy without the slightest reservation.

E. Goleski- Fruit Cove Florida
We wanted to express our appreciation for your advise toward decorating our home. We are very pleased with the color selection and the improvement that has occurred in each room. In particular, the dining room with the addition of the grass cloth wallpaper and contrasting ceiling has significantly enhanced the appearance. If we had been left to rely exclusively on our individual judgement for design ideas, we would not have made it.
J. Pavlonnis- St. John’s, Florida


Christy was able to take a traditional home and turn it into an open floor plan that the entire family could enjoy. She selected wall color, rugs, furniture and accent pieces. She designed a beautiful kitchen and chose a granite that compliments all the rooms downstairs. She also helped in the selection of wood flooring. In addition, she selected a unique carpet runner to go up the wood stairs. One of the things that I love about Christy is she incorporates existing pieces of furniture and wall hangings and intertwines it with complimentary new pieces of furniture and decorations that brings it all together. Christy has that unique vision to meld various textures, materials and lighting to create a beautiful arrangement with furniture, decorations and wall hangings in my home that fits my lifestyle. I always receive compliments from friends and family on how beautiful and relaxing my home is, and I owe that to Christie’s flair and outstanding interior decorative skills.

K. Brockway- St. John’s Golf

We had an excellent experience with Christy.  We were stuck in trying to sell our home.  Christy came in provided her expertise, showing us the subtle changes we needed to make and the best color coordination to use to showcase our home.  Shortly there after we had a couple of offers and we’re able to sell our home.  The new owners love the house!

W. Smith- St. John’s, Florida

Christy was a tremendous help to us when she consulted with us on ideas to update our home.  She helped encourage us with our own ideas. More importantly, she elaborated on these ideas and, as well , steered us in the right direction on even more creative ideas.  They worked! Our office is now streamlined into a more efficient,  attractive room  and our laundry room is “fun” in décor now instead
simply functional. It was such a pleasure to have someone partner with us who really listened to what we wanted
and then used her skill and knowledge to make our home comfortable. Thank you, Christy!

Carol Pate- Ponte Vedra, Florida


All of the colors turned out perfectly!!

I really didn’t realize how much I needed your help until you started pointing out undertones in the colors I liked that I didn’t notice or when you compared two that I thought looked okay but then saw that they actually clashed.

I also appreciate how you pushed us a little to go outside the box with using the darker colors in the kitchen and bathroom and of course taking down the doors in the master bedroom! It is something that never would have occurred to us to do but makes so much sense now! It’s amazing to be able to be upstairs and not have the light from the TV come up there.

We also just got up a lot of artwork and it’s amazing how the colors in the pictures seem to match perfectly with the paint colors, I’m not sure how that happened, but love it!

It is practically a new house now and we can’t thank you enough for your help!! I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family in the future when they are looking for some decorating help!

J.Jezik- Jacksonville, FL


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christy McCarthy of Interiors Revitalized for the past 2 ½ years as the decorator for Tapestry Park Condominiums as well as Esplanade @ Town Center.

Christy is an excellent design artist for interiors and is able to accommodate the customer with their needs while maintaining budget concerns. She has an urban flair yet is able to incorporate a transitional flavor to her projects to appeal to a broad range of customers’ taste in furnishings.

I highly recommend Christy and Interiors Revitalized for all of your decorating needs.

E. Ferris- Sales Manager, Jacksonville


As the real estate market began to change in 2007, budgets got tighter and the need to differentiate your product became more critical than ever. These days, paying for outrageous interior designers is not an option. However, to sell your homes you must have target-specific decorated models that grab the attention of your buyers.

As the Marketing and Sales Director of one of the fastest growing brokers in the Southeast, I have to assure our developers’ homes are positioned to sell and that they are attractive to their target market. To get this difficult and important task accomplished on a modern marketing budget, I rely on Interiors Revitalized. Interiors Revitalized has the ability to understand, plan and merchandise models that perfectly relate to our target audience. Interiors Revitalized was able to stay within a tight budget, deliver exceptional style, and have a quick turn around time making them the obvious choice for even our most discerning developers.

Interiors Revitalized has done an exceptional job with our model homes and would be an asset to any organization seeking professional interior design services.

B. Hippeli, Sales and Marketing Director; N.E. Florida


Although very professional, Christy is easygoing and fun. She listened to my needs, discussed my budget and quickly formed a vision that would work to best showcase our vacant home. She never pushed her ideas but had no trouble “seeing” what was helpful for potential buyers to visualize a warm, inviting home instead of a vacant house. Because she owns the furniture & accessories, I did not have to arrange furniture rental with a separate company. Nor did she require a minimum three month contract like some others do. There has been an increased interest in our home since it was revitalized with only positive feedback at our open house. She handled everything beautifully…. taking away all the stress. I look forward to getting her help after the holidays with colors & ideas for decorating our new home.

L. Brown- Jacksonville, Fl.


Working with Christy  was not only enjoyable and effective, it was extremely efficient. They reacted immediately to our situation and had the home beautifully staged in an astonishingly quick amount of time.

I had spoken with several stagers, and Christy seemed to know exactly was needed and were not trying to “pad” the bill with unneeded, expensive measures. Their follow through was excellent and delivered on every deadline they set. I would highly recommend them for any staging needs that you may have.

S. Green- Jacksonville, Florida


Interiors Revitalized did an amazing job decorating our model apartments along with our leasing office. We found Christy to be thoroughly professional, highly skilled and detailed in her approach to the decoration and installation of our apartment models. She was able to follow a tight schedule, work within budget, and produce models that specifically appealed to our target tenants. We had a wonderful response and were able to rent out the units very quickly. We look forward to working with Interior revitalized in the future.

CH Swan- Vice President- Jacksonville


Christy is amazing to work with. She is quick to schedule appointments with our clients. Efficient, and creative, her work enables our photographer to capture clean clutter free, beautifully staged images which help sell homes fast.

Henry Home Team- Keller Williams


Thanks so much for your work on my listings! The last house you helped me with went under contract just 3 days after listing! I know it’s a great house, but a big part of that was the awesome staging tips you helped give the seller. They implemented about 90% of what you suggested before listing. The rest they were going to get to but never had to since it sold so quickly!

Also the house you helped me with before that had two contracts on it in a short period of time. That was such a small house at 1280 sf that we really needed your expertise to help maximize our space and give the appearance that it actually has plenty of room. The seller implemented pretty much all of your staging tips and I know for a fact that the house showed better after you were there.

In this tough market, we need to do everything we can to make our listings stand out. I definitely believe staging and professional photography are the best way to show case any home in this tough market.

Sharon Yates- Keller Williams

Christy helped us to completely redecorate the following rooms: Dining room, foyer, kitchen, family room, guest bedroom, master bedroom, and master bathroom. The redecorating included choosing paint colors, new furniture, shopping for decorative accent pieces, utilizing items we currently owned into the new decor, and provided overall guidance and consultation.

Christy was really great to work with, from our first phone call describing my needs all the way through to completion. She listened well and understood our family’s need (stylish, yet functional) when making suggestions for new concept or pieces. She was prompt, detail oriented, always mindful of the budget, and professional along the way. She was a hard worker and my husband and I couldn’t be more pleased with the final outcome!

M. Fiscor- Jacksonville, Florida


Christy, I wanted to tell you how great it is to work with you! You have such a charming way to letting me know when things need to be “revitalized”. You are always able to transform the rooms that need help. In the current real estate market homes that do not show well are not going to sell, your services are needed more than ever. I always recommend you when a client that is in need of staging and they are always delighted. Keep up the good work you are a pleasure to work with!

Julie McWhorter- ERA Davis & Linn


Your assistance with my home renovation has been invaluable. My new kitchen is more beautiful than I thought possible. Your guidance throughout the process in selecting the cabinets, granite countertops, lighting, flooring, and colors has made all the difference. Friends who saw the before and after are astonished by the gorgeous transformation. I am also pleased with the updating of my living room and dining room. The smart, neutral color palette, and the new sofa and accessories are a welcome change, and I would never have had the vision to make such wise choices without your help.

Your money-saving tips and expertise in locating affordable items have been incredible. I now have new sources and upgrades that would not have been possible without your suggestions. It’s always a pleasure to see you, and I appreciate your upbeat, positive approach to the job. I look forward to continuing to consult you as I tackle new projects to update my home.

G. Hand- Jacksonville, Florida


Our Experience with Staging

We decided last month to sell our rental property in Jacksonville, Fl. I wanted the house to sell as quickly as possible despite reports of a slow real estate market. As we live out of state, my husband took off for Florida with his tools, and I spoke to Christy. After seeing the house, she made some important recommendations for preparation that hadn’t occurred to us.

My husband got busy painting, and we added carpet, tile, and new lighting. I have to say that my husband and one of the realtors were really skeptical about staging. Also we had gone over our budget, which made me question whether we should go ahead. Further on the day of staging, he became very antsy to leave and come home. However, as Christy and her partner brought furniture and art in, my husband’s attitude changed completely. He said our house became a home, and the furniture and art drew attention away from minor flaws.

Our house sold the first weekend it was shown. This was far better than my expectations of one third the normal number of days on the market or roughly two months. I know our experience is not typical, but to quote my husband “From now on, whenever we sell a house, we are going to have staging.” Kudos, Christy you did a great job!

K. Huffstetler- Sedona, AZ


In our 50+ years of marriage we have collected much memorabilia from our travels. Most of our collection was on display throughout the house and this display made this house our home. When we decided to downsize we asked Christy to do our staging.

Her immediate reaction was that our memorabilia was on stage and that it was detracting from the house. With her quiet persistence and salesmanship she finally managed to get our permission to remove the distractions and to allow her to do her staging. She removed many, many items added highlights and coordinating colors that emphasized house. When she was done we were actually amazed at the openness, attractiveness, and sale ability of our new home.

As testimonial of the excellent job she did, we put our house on the market on Wednesday and sold it two days later. This occurred in the down market that existed in Apr. of 2010.

R. Bresson- Jacksonville, Florida


Thanks so much for your great presentation today at Watson/Hodges. I think you made some new friends. And, as always, I appreciate all that you have done to teach me more about staging – your willingness to let me work alongside you is awesome. And my customers think you are, rightfully, AWESOME! There is no better value in staging in Jacksonville than Interiors Revitalized!

T. Randall- Realtor, Jacksonville


Christy came to my home the day after I called and stayed to view the whole house, discussed my style and what kind of look I wanted to achieve and got a good understanding of the many “projects” my decorating would include. She immediately gave me feedback on some ideas I had and within a week had come back to me with plans for the great room.

We have gone shopping together and have selected new furniture which I am thrilled with, and Christy brought every color in the rainbow samples to my house and guided me through selecting the colors that will adorn my walls. I could NEVER have selected the beautiful coordinating array of colors by myself, yet they are exactly what I want. Christy has confirmed many of the ideas I’ve had and she’s also, gently and expertly redirected me when the need has arisen (but, oh, so tactfully!), which has taken the stress out of making decisions. She has met with my project manager and cabinet maker to coordinate custom cabinetry she designed for the living and dining areas.

Christy will do EXACTLY what I ask her to do. She gets the big picture and is helping me execute it without breaking the bank. She has already saved me quite a bit of money in furniture acquisition by suggesting new room/purpose placements for some of the furniture I had planned on getting rid of. When my new sofas were ready to be delivered in one week instead of the 10 weeks we had been told to expect them in, Christy made the arrangements with the seller to warehouse them and deliver them when I am ready for them at no extra cost to me. She charges a flat hourly fee which is VERY reasonable, so I get to decide exactly what services I want and therefore how many of them I can work into my budget. And, Christy is all about keeping you within your budget.

I will be working with Interiors Revitalized not only for the completion of this enormous project, but any time in the future when I need help with decorating decisions. I highly recommend their services.

L. Neviaser- Jacksonville, FL


Christy met with me at home and then at stores and sources of tile, cabinets, and furnishings. She made herself available at the last minute if a question arose with the painter or other contractor. She followed through for even the smallest details…from accessories to even casual pillows. She was a valued source of expertise and very pleasant to work with.

B. Kane, Jacksonville, FL