Fun in the Sun[Room]

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Sun rooms offer the best of both worlds.  They give you the opportunity to enjoy the natural light and views of the outdoors without actually having to be outside, which means you can enjoy the space year round regardless of the weather ….which here in Florida means the heat and humidity. Follow these tips to make your sun room become the favorite room in the house!
Walls Sun rooms by nature have great light, so keep yours light and bright too.
Via House Beautiful
Furniture  Wicker, rattan, & weathered wood furniture are great choices for sun rooms. Keep your upholstered pieces neutral like white or cream and build on that foundation. Add personality with fun pillows and accessories.
image3.JPG Via Hooked on Houses
Plants Plants are a great idea for sun rooms because they naturally bring the outdoors in. They provide a great transition between the indoors and outside and they will thrive in the sunlight.
Via At Home Arkansas
Flooring Define your space by using an area rug. Natural rugs like sisal and jute make great choices for sun rooms. Dhurrie rugs can add a pop of color and are durable too.
image5.JPG Via Southern Living
Window Treatments With all that natural sunlight pouring in, window treatments are a must in a sun room. They can help keep the room cool and also protect your furnishings. Simple matchsticks or rattan roll ups are an ideal choice for sun rooms and they won’t break the bank!
Via House Beautiful
We hope these tips and beautiful rooms provide inspiration for you in decorating your own sun room.  You can find more ideas by checking out a bit of Florida real estate.  Have fun!

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