Exploring Sherwin-Williams 2017 Colormix Collection – Part 2

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In last week’s post, we shared the colors from the NOIR and HOLISTIC palettes from the Sherwin-Williams 2017 Colormix Collection.  This week, we explore the two remaining palettes and what’s at the root of them.

Sherwin-Williams 2017 Colormix Collection – INTREPID Palette

INTREPID, meaning “fearless”, “bold”, “daring”, “spirited”, is a fiery collection of colors that demonstrates how we’re reinventing ourselves. The colors give off a “tribal vibe”. There are two neutral colors, High Reflection, SW 7757 and Popular Gray, SW 6071 which could serve as a backdrop to showcase the other bolder hues in this group.



The INTREPID colors in the living room below create an energetic vibe in this tribal color scheme. Citornella , SW6915, a bold yellow-green hue combines with Sierra Redwood, SW7598, a deep red-orange to take center stage as acent walls. Popular Gray, SW6071, becomes the backdrop color on the wall an in the rug.


Sherwin-Williams 2017 Colormix Collection – UNBOUNDED Palette

The colors in the UNBOUNDED collection cross global lines.Unbounded means “unlimited”, “endless”, “everlasting”, “inexhaustible” a perfect name for this “knows- no- bounds” palette. Worldwide communities are becoming more connected because of the turmoil going on across the globe. Cultures are merging more as is evident in the mix of earthy mustards, ocean blues, corals, and mud in this group.


In this globally-inspired living room, we can see Adriatic Sea, SW6790, making a statement as the accent wall to Mudslide, SW9113. Red becomes a dominat accent color through its repetition in the couch, pillows, and rug – mimicking Rave Red, SW6608.  WHat other colors from  UNBOUNDED do you see making an appearance in this room?


Now that you’ve seen these two palettes, are you inexhaustible or bold enough to live with a color from either one?  What colors would you put together in your home from the INTREPID and UNBOUNDED palettes in the Sherwin-Williams-2017-Colormix-Collection?



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