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Fun in the Sun[Room]

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Sun rooms offer the best of both worlds.  They give you the opportunity to enjoy the natural light and views of the outdoors without actually having to be outside, which means you can enjoy the space year round regardless of the weather ….which here in Florida means the heat and humidity. Follow these tips to make your sun room become the favorite room in the house! Walls Sun rooms by nature have great light, so keep yours light and bright too. Via House Beautiful Furniture  Wicker,...

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The Major Types of Flooring – Nailing Down Helpful Truths

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Are you in the market for flooring but confused by all of the options? What kind of flooring does well in wet areas? What’s the best type of flooring to have if you have pets?  Let’s examine the major types of flooring to learn the answers. Major Types of Flooring for Your Home Hardwood Hardwood is a very popular type of flooring because of its durability and beauty.  However, it has to be nailed to a subfloor so it usually is not used in Florida on first floors of homes. Varieties include...

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Capturing the Essence of Farmhouse Style

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    It’s all the rage now.  Pinterest pins are showcasing it like mad. It’s farmhouse or cottage style. There are a lot of different characteristics that fit under the umbrella of farmhouse style. Today we’re going to examine capturing the essence of farmhouse style by reviewing: the history of the farmhouse in America; what defines this style of architecture; why it’s so popular today; and, today’s take on farmhouse style decorating. History of the American Farmhouse The American...

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How to Get That Luxe Hotel-Look in Your Bedroom

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  One of the delights of going away on vacation is staying in a nice hotel.  Don’t you just love the way they decorate the bedroom to make you feel relaxed? Wouldn’t you love to get that luxe hotel-look in your bedroom so you wouldn’t have to hop on a plane to enjoy it?  What do those hoteliers do to make you feel like you never want to leave?   Ways to Get That Luxe Hotel-Look in Your Bedroom   Make sure you have a comfortable bed. Make sure your mattress is comfortable. If...

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How to Hang Your Artwork – the Survivor’s Guide

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  Do you envy the artwork groupings your neighbor has adorning her entryway and family room walls? Wish you could  hang your artwork the same way for a different look?  It’s really not that difficult. Here are a few tips and ideas to get you that Leonardo Da Vince gallery look! Hang Your Artwork Like a Pro with These Tips and Idea Decide Where to Place Your  Artwork Check out the wall space you need to fill to get an idea of the size of the artwork you need. If you are filling a...

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How to Select Carpeting That Won’t “Pile” on Problems

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  Is it time to purchase new floor covering? Let’s take a walk through the basics of how to select carpeting. How to Select Carpeting for Your Home Types of Carpet Construction You should first consider whether you want a tufted or woven construction in your carpeting. The majority of carpeting is tufted or made of machine-punched yarns held together by adhesive and banding. You should get between five to seven years wear out of this construction. Woven carpeting is made on a loom and can...

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