10 Amazing Ways to Include Metallics in Your Home Decor

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Brass Mirrors
Courtesy of West Elm


Who would ever think that gold and bronze would make a comeback? It’s happening in the world of home decor. Certain metallics such as gold, silver, copper and brass are hot in decorating right now. They add that pizzazz every room needs. Their shimmering looks add shine and bounce light, which can make a room seem lighter and larger. How can you include metallics in your home decor ?

Ways to Include Metallics in Your Home Decor

  1. Start small. Approach it like you are picking out jewelry for an outfit.  Don’t be afraid to mix metals to make your accessorizing a bit more interesting. Pull gold decorative items into a room with silver. Think about including them in tablescapes and on bookcases.


2. How about using gold, silver or brass spray paint on rocks, shells, or books to give them a different look like in this candle arrangement?



3. You can even partially paint a piece of furniture a metallic finish for a unique look as in this table.  It’s definitely a conversation piece.



4. Have you ever thought of using a metallic wallpaper on a ceiling? This foyer is a daring way to welcome your guests into your home. The homeowner repeats the gold in the  urchin light fixture, mirror, and the upholstered ottomans. The high-gloss walls complete the look.  Are you bold enough to try this?



5. How do you like these gold-leaf embellished drapery? Definitely brings your eye up to the ceiling, doesn’t it?  You could do the same thing to throw pillows to repeat the metallic look at a lower level  in the room.


6. Vintage chandeliers are big now, too. They’re being used in various rooms in the house even the bathroom as is pictured below. Notice how the gold chandelier completes the vintage look of this room and how mixing gold and silver make the room anything but boring.



7. I’m sure you have seen gold tubs featured in decorating/home improvement magazines. This bathroom makes a bold statement in gold with the tub, chandelier, and mirror.



8. For a classic look, think about mixing black and gold in a room. The owner of this home has done a great job at repeating the two colors throughout the room.  Do you like this look?



9. If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ve see plenty of farmhouse- style photos. Copper items are featured a lot because they present a rustic look such as in this copper farmhouse sink below.



10. Metallics look good when paired with glass, too. The glass table opens up a room and the metal bounces light – making the room look larger.



Courtesy of Lamps Plus

There you have it – 10 amazing ideas to include metallics in your home decor. You have to admit that there is an interesting look in every one of these examples.  Which is your favorite – one you would try in your home?


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