A Popular Packing Checklist That Will “Move” You

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Once you have decluttered your house, as we outlined in our last post, and decided what you are taking, it’s time to get ready for packing. Use our popular packing checklist so your move goes smoothly.

Packing Checklist

  • Round up Your Boxes

Your moving company has boxes for moving; however, you ‘ll need to pay for them.  If you‘d like to save money, here are some resources to get free boxes.

Get Your Free Packing Boxes Here:

Let these stores know you are looking for free boxes and find out the best time to come and get them:

Liquor Stores – Get those “spirited” boxes that carry wine and beer and use them to pack books, DVD’s, and CD’s

Grocery Stores – Ask for apple boxes which are great for packing fragile items.

Starbucks – Ask for larger-sized containers for storing lighter bulkier things. Deliveries usually arrive once or twice a week.

McDonald’s – Ask for the large boxes that hold the frozen French fries. Because the French Fires are frozen, you won’t get any smell ruining the items you pack in them. These boxes are excellent for storing heavier items that require smaller boxes.

Big Box Stores -Costco, BJ’s, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, always have unpacked boxes sitting in the back of their stores because of the volume of products they carry. Just ask for them.

Here are a few online resources you may want to check:

U-Haul Box Exchange – has a message board that enables you to search for boxes in your area.

Craigslist – Look under the “For Sale” category for “Free” items.

Freestyle – a group of people who are getting and giving away things for free

  • What to Pack First

Start gathering up the things that you don’t need right away in your new home. Knick-knacks, paintings, books, and out-of-season- clothes, decorations, toys, and sports equipment are good items to pack first.

  • Create a Master Packing List

As you pack, create a master packing list.  Number the boxes and on your list, place the number of the box and what its contents are.  Also identify which room it will be going into in your new home. If you need something, you ‘ll easily be able to retrieve it. In addition, if something is missing, you ‘ll be able to identify it. For easier room identification, color code each box using markers or colored dot stickers.  Likewise, identify the rooms with the corresponding colors.

  • What to Pack Last

Pack your daily essential items last.  These might include:



A small number of dishes and cutlery

A few mugs and your coffee pot


Camera and charger

Cleaning supplies

Basic tools

Toilet paper and paper towels

Garbage bags

Favorite toys and story books

Your moving folder

Cell phone charger/ or a phone you can hook up when you move in.

Personal hygiene items, like soap, deodorant, hairdryer


  • Organize Your Packed Boxes Before the Move

Once your boxes are packed, labeled, and color-coded, arrange boxes with like content together so they will end up near each other in your new home. This will save you time when you unpack.

  • Plan to Keep Some Items with You – Not on the Moving Truck

Locate a space in your home where you can place things that you will be taking in your car.  A bathtub or closet might do the trick.  You don’t want items you need in storage if you don’t move right into your house or need something before the move is completed.

Have you recently moved into another home?  What type of a packing checklist did you use? Leave a comment and let us know.

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